In our effort to contribute to the sustainable development goals we are making 100% recycled polyester spun thread. Many buyers from America and Europe have also changed their sourcing strategy to collaborate with players in the market who have sustainability as their core principle.

To cater to this demand we produce high quality 100% ring spun recycled polyester threads. Our threads find application in a variety of Home textile and apparel products. Produced originally using pet bottle waste that are trashed onto landfill sites, the recycled polyester yarn is a globally-recognized product that has got endless applications.

The recycle polyester thread is made by recycled fibers produced from the waste pet bottles which are thrown away after use. They are segregated into loss and then converted to flakes.

The most important part comes during degregation of pet bottles so that fibers made out of the lot have same property as far as dyeing and strength is concerned.
We are also making poly/poly core in the recycled category. In this both filament and spun fibers are made of recycle polyester.
We take pride that we are into complete recycle product including packaging of our recycle products.